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My preferred initial contact method please, to avoid interrupting my current work.
Sadly the spammers have abused the traditional mailto link or the straight forward display of an email address on a web page. Therefore, to avoid contributing to global spam, I offer you two options, both protected from abuse by captcha or simple challenge/response:

Voice mail

If you prefer to explain your enquiry by voice, I provide a voice-mail service which will forward your message to me by email. Please note that I will only return calls regarding genuine enquiries for my services, so details of your requirements must be included in your message, together with your contact details. Please call 07020 969 254.

Fax service

Your fax will be delivered to me by email, so is subject to a few minutes delay. Please note that some fax machines are incompatible with this service. My fax number is 07020 969 256.


About 25 miles South West of London in South East England (UK), near Guildford and the M25.

Postal address

This is provided here only for legal purposes and for those occasions when snail mail is necessary for bulky project documentation or other deliveries:

David Nye
Brook Place, Horsham Lane, Ewhurst
Surrey, GU6 7SW

VAT registration

My business is VAT registered in the UK, number: 602 3325 91

Legal Status

Sole Trader, trading in my own name; David Nye
Some advertising uses the names: Brook Place UK, BrookPlace, DataBase Application Development, Access Database Programming, dnye, IT Support Services

Direct line

Reserved for use by existing contacts or genuinely urgent enquiries for my paid services please! Other calls interrupting my work are unlikely to be favourably received. Marketing and sales calls are strictly prohibited on this line: 01483 268644.